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    How to loop audio track and how to replace audio tracks.

    Rodan_Shiner Level 1

      Hello. I am using premiere pro cs6 win version.

      I have two noob questions.


      Can I loop audio tracks like After Effects in Premiere Pro? AE can loop audio tracks by using simple expressions.

      For example I have a audio track whose duration is 10 sec and I want to loop it and make the total duration 1 min.


      And can I replace audio tracks at once?  In AE, I can replace layers with other footages at once, if I hold alt and click footages from project panel and drop them onto layers in timeline. I mean I placed 100 same "sound effects A"(0.1 second)  in audio track 1, and I want to replace all "sound effects A" with "sound effects B" at once. Do you know how?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          No to both questions.  But...you can still get the end result, just in a different way.


          For the loop, you'll have to duplicate the clip over and over until it reaches 1 minute.  Easily done with keyboard shortcuts for Copy and a whole bunch of Pastes.


          For replacing that many clips, it's easier to do this outside of PP.  Close the project, rename sound effect A on the hard drive to something else, and then rename sound effect B to sound effect A.  When you reopen PP, it will think effect B is effect A because it has that name, and all sound effect A clips will be using effect B.  Take note that this process will affect all A clips in the entire project, not just one sequence.  If you want to do this for just one sequence, or if you still need to use effect A somewhere else, then you'll need to do things the hard way by replacing every clip you want changed manually.

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            Felix CL Level 3

            yes to the second question,

            if only copies of this one sound effect A are in track 1, just lasso them all, if not, shift-select them all.

            then alt-drag effect B on them and it will change all selected A clips to effect B.

            you might have to nudge them all together a bit for the right timing afterwards, since PR takes the in- and out points from the original edit, just like AE.

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              Rodan_Shiner Level 1

              Thank you for your advice. By the way, I tried the way Felix said, and dragged and dropped the files, but something is strange. For example track a has those 3 sound, like this.


              track A   (soundA)     (soundA)     (soundA)


              And I drop soundB and all soundA is replaced with B at once.


              track A   (soundB)     (soundB)     (soundB)


              I tried to play the clip, first soundB has sound, but after that there is no sound, second and third soundB has no sound. I checked both sound wave, and there is nothing. Is it correct? I need to do something to fix both?