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    Photoshop CS6 "Save for Web" dialog performance issues




      I just started experiencing issues with the PS CS6 Save for Web dialog window. It is very slow to respond to mouse clicks. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this lack of performance.

      I use Creative Suite 6 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with a Gen 3 Core i7, 12GB of ram and a 3GB Nvidia 670m video card so I know it's definitely not hardware related.


      If you have experienced this same behavior, please let me know if you have found a work around for it. It's driving me batty as I am a Web Designer and use that function A LOT.






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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I can't say I see any sluggishness with the Save For Web dialog myself (Windows 7 x64, ATI 7850 video card).  The image pans around in real time even in 4-up, the controls open instantly, the save seems to complete in real time.


          Does changing any of the GPU settings in your Performance preferences change the behavior?  Make sure and restart Photoshop after making any changes there.


          What size is the file you're saving?  In what format?



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Agree with Noel - we will need more info. SfW usually only gets slow when it runs out of memory, which could mean anything from the images being large to color profile conversion issues...



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              I also have the same issue. Overall performance of computer is great. PS CS3 save for web dialog is realy fast on the same machine. But CS6 has same buggy(i think) issues. Changing parameters is a nightmare. Tooooo slow.


              I monitor CPU and ram but no significant changes during this operations. For example clicking file type menu it takes 3-6 seconds to get JPEG,PNG-8.... options


              8gigs ram, quadcore, win7, and a good assus graphics card

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                breklin76 Level 1

                I'm not sure what combination of what worked but here's what I did and it seems to be very responsive now:


                - Photoshop > Edit > Preferences > Graphics Processor Settings --> Advanced Settings > Drawing Mode: "Basic" (from "Advanced")

                - Updated nVidia drivers to latest (310.1?)

                - Added 4GB DDR3, making my total now 16GB (I develop sites in a VM)

                - AND, finally -

                - Upgraded to an SSD (Yeah, I know, that is probably what did it because computing is *******' amazing now)


                $200 and about 6 hours later and PS6 Ext is running tops.


                Please note, that while I did still notice an annoying amount of lag afterwards, Changing the 3D settings in PS did make a minor difference as did updating my drivers, so thank you for that advice.


                Hope this helps.



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                  zortext Level 1

                  I solved my issue. The problem was because of webInk's useless webfont plugin. Uninstalled and fixed.  

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                    Same problem here.  Very similar config to breklin76's.  Only a NV570 and 16GB RAM.  Don't think the solution should be to throw more money had it.  This was working great one day and then when to crap the next.  It wasn't gradual or something that happened with CS6.  I've made the recommended software changes and the problem persists.  I also checked for the WebInk plug-in and am not running it so that doesn't appear to be it either (unless I'm looking for it in the wrong place).


                    So frustrating.

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                      Nerf-Hearder Level 2

                      100% Got it!  It was Zortext's tip that fixed it.  It wasn't specifically a WebInk plug-in but completely removing Extensis (Font Suitecase) plug-ins for Photoshop did it.  It's now running like a pro with all my settings cranked up to the max.  No sacrifices need to be make as previously suggested.


                      To remove the plug-ins, just open Extensis Font Suitcase, then hit the Tools menu and Manage your plug-ins.  Uncheck all of them for photoshop but 32 and 64 (there's probably 4 total selected) and be done with this issue for good.  I've got no problem manually flickin' on fonts and frankly, over the years these extensis plug-ins have caused more harm than good.  Never again.


                      Thanx Zorext!

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