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    How do I remove flash player from rockmelt browser ?


      Hello, I want to remove-uninstall all versions of adobe flash from my PC & then re-install the latest versions 11.5... so I have done so but yet my rockmelt browser still runs adobe flash version 11.3 tho I have removed it everywhere ! Chrome & IE9 says I need to install flash & yet rockmelt still is runing it. I want to remove the 11.3 version in rockmelt as well then re-install version 11.5. Beyond that.. I dont understand how the rockmelt browser is still running adobe flash version 11.3 when I had installed version . Anyway... any help here would be so great... I cant figure out how to remove it in rockmelt as I cant find flash or shockwave anywhere in my PC even with an advanced search... thx so much for any help !