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    Export to pdf is failing InDesign CS5

    teloscientist Community Member

      We have a large book (1000+ pages, 4000+ images) we are exporting to pdf to send to the printer. It takes a couple hours to process. It has worked in the past (we have beautiful 1000 page pdfs for previous edited versions). Now, however, (that we are complete with our final edit, of course) we are getting an error message (after 2 hours of work).


      It goes through the process of "generating pdf..." one page at a time, then the next, then the next, processing each image one at a time - all the way to the end of the book. Then, when it gets to the end of that process, it says ... "Failed to export to pdf file"


      We tried doing the book in 1/3rds, and got the same error with each 1/3rd of the book.


      We don't know what is causing the issue to figure out how to fix it. Each of the chapters/files successfully exports individually. 


      Any ideas?


      Thanks! Mark