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    Text Opacity Problem


      We are using Mac InDesign CS 5.5 on multiple computers to create pages that will go together in a final product. For part of the design we are making the text with white letters set to 10% opacity. We are using the same steps to create this effect on all the computers however, on some of the computers the text disappears completely with the setting while on others the text is visible.


      To create the opactiy settings, we create the textbox, type the text, select white from the swatches. With the text box selected we  go to Objects >> Effects >> Transparency. We select Text under Settings For: and then change the opacity to 10% under basic blending, mode normal.


      Any ideas on why the same setting is not showing the same when created on different computers?



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm guessing that these computers are different models, different manufacturers, every different operating systems, right? Different hardware have different capabilities to reproduce the RGB signals. You're picking a value at the edge of the monitor response so you're seeing different results. (It's like walking into a Best Buy and looking at a wall of TVs and seeing different color displays of a football game. The TVs are from different manufacturers and have different hardware/software signals and response.)

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            TXYBCN Level 1

            We thought that too but they are all one year old iMacs with the same set-up. We even tried moved a file from one of the computers that didn't show the text to one that did show the text but when that file was opened, the text still did not show. It also does not show on a printout. Another things we tried was exporting as IDML but it did not change anything either.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I think we'll need to see the file to figure this one out. Can you share?