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    Mercury Playback Engine- GTX 560 issue?


      Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6
      MPEG-2 from a Sony (HVR-Z1U) HDV 1080


      Asus P9X79 Motherboard
      i7- 3820 @ 3.9ghz, slight overclock. Regular LGA 2011 Intel Fan w/ thermal paste
      EVGA GeForce GTX 560- 336 Cuda cores/OpenGL

      12 gb GSkill
      SSD for boot & software
      1 TB Barracuda, 1 TB WD Black, both7200 rpm, each in half= 4 drives (:D,:E,:F,:G) for scratch and storage.
      500w Purepower PSU

      The card is recognized within CS6 and other various test applications.


      With MPE GPU Acceleration Enabled I still have red bars above the footage in several projects. This footage has no effects on it whatsoever. It is merely cut.  If I used an Accelerated Effect, the bar will turn to yellow.
      When I render the footage with red bars the GPU load is never above like 3%. At times, it will stay at 0%.  Needless to say, the render time doesn't not seem very optimized at all. Sloww.
      However, after rendering the footage and the green bar appearing, I've added an Accelerated Effect- Sharpen, and it turns red again! The play back is then choppy. It will playback if I reduce resolution but how the heck am I supposed to implement the effects like that?

      The minute I open several projects there is either no bar for untouched footage or a red bar. I switch between MPE software and hardware setting and still no yellow bar unless I specifically use an Accelerated Effectnc


      Am I simply unclear on the function of MPE and I'm expecting too much?

      I am using Magic Bullet's DeNoiser function for 60mins of footage with 18db gain- this is taking 50 hours. I expect it to be long. Is 50 hours too long?


      I also have green and pink pixel artifacts as random quarter inch squares.


      Is the card bad?

      I tried a few earlier drivers...nothing.

      I researched the PSU, good reviews on New Egg.
      Is this a CPU issue?


      Thanks as always for the help guys.