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    PSE 11 E-Mail of Photos


      I have "Windows 7" and PSE 11.  After I choose the photos to be E-Mailed, after I choose the "Photo Size" and the "Quality", and after I choose the "Recipients", I click "Next".  Immediately a "HTML Sender Verification" screen pops up saying I have to enter my "Sender Verification Code".   I got my "sender verification code about a month ago and entered it and my E-Mail worked fine.  It says it now wants my Verification code entered again.  I have reentered my Verification code  several times that I used before and it will not accept it.  The new screen says to change my E-Mail I should go to "Edit>Preferences>Sharing".  I have tried this several times and it does nothing.  ???????  Does anyone know how to get the Photo E-Mail to work ?  Thanks;  Mike

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          I don't know why you have been requested to enter the verification code again - did you change anything like your email address?


          I suggest that you try getting a new code and trying that. On the screen that requests the verification code, there is a button to get Adobe to resend the code - try that.