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    how to customize the Jquery UI slider???


      Hello everybody!

      I'm new of this world and so I've got a long list of doubt and problems. But the most important by now is that after I hardly understood how to use a Jquery UI slider in Adobe Edge, I need to change the handle and the box with custom ones. Any suggestion?

      I post here the code I've done by now...

      Thank you all for reading and answering!!!!













          complete: init




      var Stage = sym.$("Stage");

      var Rectangle = sym.$("Rectangle");

      var Rectangle2 = sym.$("Rectangle2");

      var Rectangle3 = sym.$("Rectangle3");

      var Rectangle4 = sym.$("Rectangle4");

      //var Rectangle3 = sym.getSymbol("Rectangle3");


      function init() {

      Rectangle.draggable({ axis: "y" });

      Rectangle.draggable({ containment: Rectangle4, scroll: false});



      Rectangle4.slider({orientation: "vertical"});


        slide: function(e,ui){

              var sliderValue =  Rectangle4.slider("value");


              Rectangle3.width(sliderValue + 411 + sliderValue);

              Rectangle3.height(sliderValue + 272 + sliderValue);