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    BluRay burners.


      I have been 'playing around', I like to call it educating myself, for the past 12mnths. with an expensive HD Vid Cam, an expensive computer and now I am itching to record a BluRay disc of my rendered video. I have purchased an expensive 'burner', in fact 2. I took the first one back because when I enter Share/Disc/BluRay, I get message in Status, 'No burners detected'. The Man at the shop thought I was 'avin a largh, but recomended I buy a dearer model, "because that's a real one" he says. After carefull installation, because by now, I thought I am doing somthing wrong here, I got the same message, but it only cost me $25 more. I have to say, using the same burner installed, when I enter Share/Disc/DVD or Share/Disc/ACHVD, the other 2 options, with the same file, I get an immidiate response from Status saying, Burner Location is D: Atapi--etc. This says to me, All is not lost, the burners are genuine but begs the question: Do I have to author them in PE10 some how.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This would indicate you have a DVD burner, not a BluRay burner -- or that your drive does not have the correct or an updated driver.


          What operating system are you using?


          What model BluRay burner are you  using? Did you manually install the driver from the burner's web site or did you let the operating system do it?


          When you go to the Device Manager, do you see a DVD or BluRay burner listed?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I am with Steve, and would check the installation and the burner's driver first.


            If you have a Windows computer, then start at Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager, and look down the list, until you come to CD/DVD/BD drives (exact syntax can differ by OS version). Check the driver there, and also any warning, or error messages.


            If everything checks out there, I would then see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3127429#3127429 for some of the most common casuses of "PrE can't detect a burner" errors.


            One additional thing to consider is the BD burner's firmware. What is the make and model of the drive? Does the mfgr. have newer firmware available for it? If so, be very certain to read the installation instructions very well. As they can change model to model and mfgr to mfgr, I print out those instructions, to check off each step, in the order listed, when flashing new firmware. That is very important.


            Good luck,



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              robo_col Level 1

              Thanks for the info Steve and Bill. I carried out all suggestions as best I could and NO GO.   Have you ever heard the expression: first have a look if there is any petrol in it before you start ripping the engine apart?  I bought a LiteOn 12x Internal Blu-ray Disc Writer and was given a LiteOn 12x DVD/BD Combo which both are shipped in almost identical boxes. After all the well intensioned help I went onto the nett to look for specifications for the drive and came across pics of the 2 drives side by side and then IT CLICKED.

              2 hours ago I got back from a trip to Brisbane with a packet of 10 BD-R 6x 25GB Blu-Ray discs, for my trouble, installed the drive and BINGO, it was recognised 1st time in PE10.

              Moral of the story, as old as you are, you've got to keep your eye on these young fellas, also a LITEON 12x Internal Blu-Ray Disc Writer works good in the PE10 burner prog. at a good price of $55. robo_col

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news!


                Glad that you now have a working BD burner on the system.


                I would pick up at least one BD-RE (a five-pack would probably a good idea), to test with, so that you do not create "coasters."


                I have not hit a limit of times that I can rewrite a BD-RE, but have a 5-pack of Verbatim DVD-RW's, that have probably seen 50 test burns a piece, with no issues.


                Good luck, and thank you for reporting your success.