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    can not install TB

    bds-design Level 1

      My System Windows 8 64bit, CS5 64bit

      If I install TB with the exentsion manager (tutorialbuilder_cs5_p3_011513.zxp) the error is "this extention can not install. You need Photoshop Version 13 or higher"

      What can I do?

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          bds-design Level 1

          nachdem ja die englische Fraktion keinerlei Antwort parat hat und wohl anscheinend alle mit CS6 arbeiten, ist es wohl noch niemanden aufgefallen, daß die Downloadversion für CS5 überhaupt nicht mehr für eben diese Version funktioniert.

          Aber hier in diesem Forum herrscht gähnende Stille über dieses Problem. Traurig.

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            Mira D Adobe Employee

            Hi bds-design,


            Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the installation. We are working on fixing this issue. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out a trial version of CS6 with Tutorial Builder.



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              bds-design Level 1

              Hi Mira,

              thanks for your hopeful answer :-)



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                Kenny McLean


                Just to let you know that Armin is not the only one having this issue.

                I'm getting exactly the same message.



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                  WJC Photography

                  Hi Mira,


                  Was there ever a version of Tutorial Builder that was compatable to Photoshop CS5 (Build Version 12) since Photoshop CS6 is build version 13. As to working to fix this issue 4 months later, myself and I am sure many others that have CS5 would like to know when this matter would be resolved. As for upgrading to PS6 or CC that will very much depend on how Adobe as a company resolves this simple problem, as this would indicate how Adobe is committed to thier customer service.

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                    Mira D Adobe Employee

                    Hi all,


                    Thanks for your comments, and we apologize that we haven’t been more active on this forum recently. Unfortunately, we simply haven’t had the resources to make TB backwards-compatible with CS5 (since it is a Labs prototype and not a full-fledged product/feature) over the past few months. Right now, TB remains something of a passion project for two of us. Our “day jobs” are in Adobe Research, developing new technology, and there are really no dedicated engineering or product management resources supporting TB at the moment. But given the interest in the prototype from the community, we are trying to make TB into an actual PS feature. This is something that the two of us would love to make happen, but we need buy-in from other parts of the company (the Photoshop team in particular) to move forward with this. Your comments and support on these forums help us make the case for TB to get picked up by Photoshop. So, in summary, we apologize that we have not been able to move more quickly in satisfying the various requests that have come through the forum, but please know that we are trying our best to make TB as effective and useful as possible … it just may take longer than any of us would like!


                    Mira and Wil

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                      Kenny McLean Level 1

                      Thanks for your reply.

                      Can I suggest that you remove mention of CS5 from the web page.


                      I did not upgrade to CS6 due to financial issues and I am in the same situatio with regard to CC.

                      I teach photoshop in my local area and thought that tutorial builder was the perfect tool to re-inforce things for my students.


                      I hope one day to be able to purchase CC but that wont be until the finacial climate warms up a bit





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                        Hi Mira, As a tutor I would find this app a real asset but unfortunately after downloading, I don't see the file 'TutorialBuilder.zxp' so I cannot install via AEM. Is there another way to connect to Photoshop??? I am using 'Creative Cloud'...


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                          Mira D Adobe Employee

                          Hi Ron,


                          Can you check your Downloads folder? What browser are you using to download it?




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                            bahnyb Level 1

                            Hi Mira, have checked my Downloads folder, missing file not in any of the folders that came down, I have several I-Browsers not sure which I used for this probably I.E. I'll try with all others... Fingers Crossed.



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                              I have the same issue and own CS5, and am also a teacher and cannot purchase CS6 at this time, even though the creative cloud seems like a super option, just not in the current budget even at the current price.  This is such a cool tool for teachers, especially as more and more students bring their own Ipads to school - I was just hoping to be able to learn how to use it during our summer break so I would be ready with tutorials when school begins in August.