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    Edit transform between two keyframes without affecting adjacent transforms on the same timeline

    mfosbrook10 Level 1

      I'm creating a flow chart/decision tree. I am animating the position of a diagram on the stage when a user selects yes or no in answer to a series of questions.


      I've split up each diagram movement on the stage timeline as labels. I've staggered these transforms as keyframes on the same layer/track. The issue I'm having is when I manipulate the position of my diagram by moving it on the stage it affects adjacent transforms. I have my transforms seperated with a 1/10 second gap becuase I thought this would split the timeline up but it appears not!


      While I can edit the transforms manually by typing in xy co-ordinates it would be ten times faster to move the diagram on the stage instead and not overwrite adjacent transforms.


      How do I restrict the transform to the two keyframe points I am concerned with?