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    link magnification and resolution not working...

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hi there, foks,

      I've been burning along in AE CS6, loving it so far, although have discovered a couple quirks.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  Hopefully somebody can let me know! 


      1) I have set Resolution to AUTO but when I change to a different resolution the magnification doesn't automatically readjust.  For example, I have resolution set to half and magification set to 50%.  If I change the resolution to 25% magnification remains at 50% and it looks awful.  I do not have Preserve Resolution checked in the compositions advanced settings.  Is there some other place where I need to enable automatic shifting?


      2) importing layered photoshop files that have consecutively numbered names creates chaos!  For example, an artist supplied me with 5 photoshop files of painted cactuses.  Each has 3 layers.  They are named Cactus1, Cactus2, Cactus3, etc... When I import them, the first works, but all the others come in with only 4frm duration that can't be altered (I've set import durations to 30 seconds) and malfunction badly.  When I change the names to CactusOne, CactusTwo, etc... everything imports correctly.  Is this something new in AE, or some kind of bug?


      Many thanks for your thoughts, folks! 


      - Fredo


      BTW, I'm on a Mac Pro, 10.8.2 with 28GB of ram and a 12 core 2.4 Ghz processor.