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    Landing Page for Login Form

    SP Inc

      I have two secure zones on my site.  I have added a Generic Secure Zone Login box to my home page and various other pages.  When a subscriber logs in, I would like them to be sent to the landing page of their secure zone.  Right now, when a subscriber logs in, they stay on the same page they used to login and then have to find their secure zone on the site.  Did I do something wrong, or is there a way to take them to their specific secure zone landing page, creating less steps to get to their content?


      Thanks for any help!

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          snarzom12 Level 1

          Goto site manager > secure zones  > select your secure zone and under details tab select your landing page

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            SP Inc Level 1

            Thank you snarzom12, but I was not very clear when stating my question.  I already have the landing pages set up in the Secure Zone Details; however, when I place the Generic Secure Zone Login Box module, it does not take the subscriber to their landing page.  If I insert the Secure Zone Module for an particular Secure Zone instead of the Generic, then it takes the subscriber to the landing page of that Secure Zone.


            I need the Generic Secure Zone Login Box to send the subscriber to their landing page.



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              I'm adding a comment to this thread to see if I can get an answer as I need one too!!!


              I'm using a generic secure zone log in form - I have three secure zones (different recurring billing options, identical content)


              the generic login form process


              <form name="catseczoneform41905" onsubmit="return checkWholeForm41905(this)" method="post" action="http://fmtv.onlinemarketingcollective.com/ZoneProcess.aspx?ZoneID=-1&OID={module_oid}&amp;OTYPE={module_otype}&amp;PageID=/login-successful">


              I get logged in but the page that I land on is:




              10727828 is the page id of the page that my form is on.


              I have tried using the ID numer of /login-successful and also tried using just ID=/login-successful (rather than PageID)


              I'm assuming this is what SP Inc was also asking.





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                I have created multiple Secure Zones for my Subscribers. I have added HTML menu items for each Secure Zone, based on Secure Zone ID#, to a Generic Login form on my home page. Now I need the Generic Login form to Redirect the Logged In Subscriber to her proper Secure Zone Landing Page. Right now, this form isn't sending her anywhere. Please Help! I need to make sure all of my Subscibers have ONE Generic Login form, that takes them to a Landing Page based on their Secure Zone Subscription. Thanks.   http://www.myergosoft.com/



                http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/598/bc_598.html#main_Logging_into_different_Secure_Zones_ according_to_ID_number


                But this form is not redirecting the logged in subscriber anywhere. Can anyone help?





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                  svdesignmktg Level 1

                  If anyone else is having problems like MGMarkham is, I was able to get mine working by doing the following:


                  Using the tutorial on JavaScript Code Samples for "Logging into different Secure Zones according to ID number" - the thing that I think is missing is that you have to edit the javascript where it says "checkWholeForm43650". That needs to match your login form 'check whole form' number.


                  I added this code to my login form on - Site Manager | System Pages | General | "Secure Zone Unauthorized"


                  Go to HTML View - In the line where the <form> tag starts, there is a command for onsubmit= and it will show your checkWholeForm number. Make sure your <form> checkWholeForm number is the same in the javascript that you paste from the above you.

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                    Liz-Bord Level 2

                    I am having the same problem, generic form lands back on login page - all secure zones have the same (homepage) as landing, but login is not going there!

                    ... and my numbers match in the javascript.  Has anyone found how to fix this? 

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                      svdesignmktg Level 1

                      Hi Liz,


                      Two questions:


                      1) Did you update the number where it says option value="154" ? This would be the id for the secure zone. (If you view all of your secure zones, hover over one and look in the bottom left of the browser window to see the ZoneID number.)


                      2) In Site Manager | Secure Zones | (select your secure zone) | Landing Page - did you select what landing page you wanted that secure zone to default to?


                      Please paste your code if you need further help.



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                        Productive I.T. Level 2

                        Did you ever get a solution for this? I am in a similar situation. I have login forms for my various Secure Zones, which redirect to the appropriate landing page - no problem. But I also have a Generic Secure Zone Login form, which (for some reason) sends the user to the home page after login. I would prefer that the user remain on the page where they saw the Generic Login form.


                        What did you learn about this form and its behavior? How did you solve this problem?



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                          svdesignmktg Level 1

                          Did you see my comment in this thread on on Feb 11, 2015 6:58 PM ? It had a solution there. Does that work for you?

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                            Productive I.T. Level 2

                            Hi, svdesignmktg ,


                            Thanks for responding. The JS tutorial you linked to in 2015 is no longer there. Regardless, my situation is a little different from the OP's.


                            I don't want to log the user into a specific zone and redirect to that zone's landing page. I want to let the user log in without redirecting at all. I want the user to stay on the page where they completed the Generic Secure Zone Login form. My understanding is that this should be a default behavior, but it isn't what I'm seeing. For some reason, the user is redirected to the home page, after logging in.