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    Dashboard diagnostics for simulation

      I was wondering if it's pheasible to create a graphical desktop flex2 application that interfaces from a windows 2000 network, to a linux platform that talks to Linux SBC driving hardware instruments on a training simulator.

      I want to create a dashboard kind of graphic that technicians can run to troubleshoot hardware on a system. The current system uses labtam interface to linux box uses curves and c code to dirve intruments. Graphically it's awful and it had issues working repeately. When I image how AJAX or FLex works, it's the same kind of communicaitons interface I need, but in my case I want to drive some real hardware and receive a signal back which I can update a graphical interface with. I also want to repeat the test if something does not work. Everything I read on flex talks about internet applications, I want to use this on a closed system, possibly using a desktop application version of FLex2.

      Does anyone know if I am off base on what I want to try or If I not off base, maybe a sample application of what I am talking about.

      Thanks for your time Roni
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          ntsiii Level 3
          A normal Flex app is delivered running in the flash Player in a browser. This configuration has extreme security limitations and can not access any local/client resources.

          A Flex app can communicate with server several ways, including HTTPService(xml over HTTP), WebService(SOAP), RemoteObject(AMF), and sockets.

          So your signal sources and sinks must be able to use one of these communication methods. Most non-trivial apps have a back-end that handles integration and business logic.

          Now. A Flex 3.0 application can also be run under AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime). This is a desktop runtime and gives the app access to local resources, and includes an embedded database. This would probably be your best bet.

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            Ladyroni Level 1
            Thank you, I will check out Flex three. I found an application that is close to what I am needing for the application but of course it's a web application. http://www.intelisea.com/demo/demo.htm