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    Header Error when importing Wav files

    andrewcopper Level 1

      The problem I'm experiencing is that Premiere CS6 will not import my Wav audio files. When I try to import them it gives the following message and fails to import the file:


      "The file cannot be opened because of a header error".


      The original audio file, which opened happily in FCP 7 (I'm migrating the project to Premiere from a previous Final Cut Pro project) is in the following format (as described in the Movie Inspector of QuickTime Player):


      Linear PCM

      16 bit little-endian signed integer

      2 channels

      48000 Hz


      Although the files won't open in Premiere, they will open in Adobe Audition, which gives their bit depth as 32 (it also describes the original format as "16 bit little-endian" - I confess that this technical side of sound files is unclear to me).


      Any suggestions of how I can coax Premiere into importing and opening these files?


      Thanks, Andrew