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    Hiding photos / albums

    Patricia Stella

      I'm working on a anniversary album for my wife and would like to keep it hidden from her. I've tried hiding the pictures but if I go back into the organizer they are still visible. Can you help me

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          ~V Adobe Employee

          Did you try to hide the photos in Elements Organizer using the visibility options under view menu?

          They should ideally work over sessions. Once you right click a photo and mark the visibility as hidden, make sure that from the view menu, you select Hide hidden files.




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            Patricia Stella Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your answer.... The problem I am having is this.. The photos show in the editor part, but not in the organizer at all,  so the visibility is not accessible


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              ~V Adobe Employee

              There is no way you can hide an album. However the media visibility can be turned ON and OFF from Organizer application. Are you asking about hiding images in Editor?

              I have not understood your problem.



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                Patricia Stella Level 1

                Hi..you are great..thanks for trying...I will try to make it clearer.  I have found the visibility feature in organizer.  The photos I am working on seem to be "trapped" in editor. I am unable to delete them from the editor.   They don't show up anywhere, Organizer or desktop.  Would it be helpful to uninstall the photoshop and restart?  I hope I have made it clearer.  You are very kind to help.



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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The Editor and Organizer do not store photos. The Organizer makes a link to the image on your hard drive. The Editor opens a file from your hard drive.


                  If you are only using the Editor why not store the images on a CD. You can remove the CD and insert it again when you want to do more editing. Simply use the menu in the Editor:

                  File >> Open


                  Then navigate to the CD drive.


                  When you have finalized all the editing of the individual files you can place them in an album.


                  Uninstalling the program won’t help.




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                    andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                    Hi Trish,


                    Editor will surely release these files if you choose to close Editor, altogether. From Task Manager, kill PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe

                    Now launch Organizer. Say you have 10 files in this album, select the album >> select all files >> right click >> Visibility >> Mark as hidden.


                    Now you can choose to either see all files or all visible files or all hidden files. For your case, click View >> Hidden Files >> Show only hidden files while working with these images. Once the work is over, choose to View >>Hidden Files >> Hide hidden files.




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                      juergen_d Level 4

                      > The photos I am working on seem to be "trapped" in editor. I am unable to delete them from the editor.


                      The only place I can think of where they might be trapped is in the list under "Open Recently Edited File".  To empty that list you would have to reset the preferences (hold ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT when launching the Editor).  Attention, though, that will reset any and ALL preferences.