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    How to recover a project


      Hi folks,


      I've been working for the last couple of weeks on a project using Premiere Pro CS5.5. Yesterday, my computer's RAID0 died, and so I lost all information on the array and had to reinstall the OS in a new harddrive. All my files were backup in external drives and in a cloud service, so no data loss.


      I recovered all files related to my PrPro project (source files + project file and everything else in the project file's folder). When I open the recovered project file in prpro, the software asks to locate the media. I instruct it where to locate for the media files, and it starts a lengthy process of "conforming" the video clips. However, after that is done, the timeline is empty. Does anyone know what am I missing to recover this project? Am I still missing some files or folders needed for prpro to understand how the project was before the hardware failure?