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    Exporting to PDF - How Can I Get A Small File Size When Using Lots of Vector Art?


      I am trying to create a small PDF file for e-book distribution purposes. My Indesign pages contain a variety of photographs, vector icons and vector maps.


      A publisher in Britain who does similar books on a Mac using Creative Suite was able to create a 22-page document very similar to mine (similar icons, graphics, density, etc) that is only 2.84 mb, a small fraction of the file size that I'm getting! I've included a sample page of his below, which is a low-res jpeg, but on the original PDF all of the text and images (except the jpeg cliff background) are super sharp - they look like vectors when you zoom in. I've also included screenshots of his PDF export settings.


      I don't know if he's exporting directly out of Indesign, but my best guess is that he is.


      My vector-based icons, numbers and maps are bloating my PDFs considerably. When I remove them, the Indesign and exported PDF file sizes drop dramatically. For the life of me, I can't figure out how he got such small PDF files sizes using so much vector art! The PDF graphic compression settings don't seem to include any options for vector art.


      My vector art graphics (numbering, icons, maps) are all saved as Illustrator AI files and then placed in Indesign as linked graphics. My best guess as to why I can't achieve smaller PDF files is I'm either doing something wrong with the vector graphics themselves or handling/exporting them improperly out of Indesign.


      I am using CS4 for PC and am on a Dell Machine running Windows 7.


      Tenerife Reduced.jpg