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    Want to add HDMI output to CS6

    Jan Janowski

      I'm looking for a way to output to HDMI from PPRO CS6.  I have a USBV3 (Renesas) USBV3 card, but I'd be willing to pull that card to free up a PCIE x4 slot....


      My intention is just to have the Program monitor Audio and Video feed an HDMI display... I'm not needing full camera capture capabilities.... Just HDMI feed to display...


      I tried UltraStudio SDI card, and even after USBV3 Firmware and driver updates (That sped up a USBV3 HD) The UltraStudio SDI it still didn't work, though it did on another computer (both were W7-64)...


      Looking for recomendations... 


      System is Dual Quad Xeon, 24Gb Ram, W7-64 & Quadro FX 4800 Display (driving 2 DVI displays), Raid & other drives.   One Free PCIX, and (if I pull USBV3 card) PCIE x4 slot



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Haven't tried it yet, myself.  But it's probably the least expensive option available.


          http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/686585-REG/Blackmagic_Design_BINTSSHU_Intensity_Shut tle.html

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            If you only want display over HDMI, in addition to your normal monitors, a nVidia GTX 6xx card is enough. They can steer up to 4 monitors.


            Example, two monitors over DVI and a TV over HDMI.



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              Jan Janowski Level 1

              I've already tried a BMD UltraStudio SDI and no matter what USBV3 Drivers and Firmware I use, I never see that in Device Manager...(Never heard from BMD Support, either)....  I see the site you provided says no Dell Computer Support.... Methinks they should add SuperMicro Support also...


              Is the Card you say more powerful than the Quadro FX 4800?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Take a GTX 660 Ti / 2GB for around € 280, that is at least two times faster than a FX 4800. Even the Quadro 4000, the successor of the FX 4800, is around two times slower than a GTX 660 Ti.

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                  Jan Janowski Level 1

                  I hadn't thought about a display card swapout....   Will the newer cards downshift to .....


                  I STAND CORRECTED!  NVidia Inspector tells me it's a PCIEx2 on display card!!


                  I did compare the two cards and the buss width is much narrower on the GTX card... than the FX 4800?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    FX 4800: 192 CUDA cores, bus 384 bits, bandwidth 76.8 GB/s, GDDR3


                    GTX 660 Ti: 1344 CUDA cores, bus 192 bits, bandwidth 144.2 GB/s, GDDR5, PCIe-16x 3.0.


                    These are the essential differences. The bus is narrower on the GTX, but the memory is much better (5 versus 3), runs much faster as shown by the bandwidth figures, has many more cores that are clocked faster than the FX 4800. If you go for the GTX 670 you wil get a 256 bit bus.

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                      Jan Janowski Level 1

                      Here's an update.... I'm borrowing an MXO2 that was origionally used on a MAC.  Call to Matrox suppport was very helpful, even though they knew it was a test and system loan.  Very Professional.... Even pointed me at correct download!  I had no problem with the hardware, software, or firmware install... All appears solid.  Haven't hooked up any outputs, Video, Audio or HDMI yet.    Playing the most complicated project I have in CS6.0.3 plays smoothly......


                      I'll be testing the video, audio, and HDMI outputs next week....   


                      Any comments or suggestions I should know or watch out for?



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        It used to be that having a Matrox casrd installed also brought disk performance almost to a halt with only 50% or less performance in comparison to a system without a Matrox card.

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                          Jan Janowski Level 1

                          Well, I'll certainly know if that happens....  disk throughput suffering.

                          I'm concentrating on compatability with existing Sequences for now... and so far so good.    Playbacks seem fine. I won't be connecting video and HDMI out of system for a few days....   I'm hoping to bring a test signal generator and Leader scope to fully examine system in a couple weeks or so... (I don't own a SDI or HDSDI Source or monitor).

                          I have always said I'd not get a capture card because I couldn't join that "Club" 


                          "Hey Mister!!  The Rowboats are Way down There!"  (Me at a boat show, or me looking at anything with an HDSDI output! )


                          I realize this is kind of overkill for a HDMI output......    

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                            Jan Janowski Level 1

                            I think I found a bug with MXO2 V7.1.0.1294....


                            My problem is: This system is on loan to me, and I can't report it without registering the product, and  I don't own the product, so I can't register it in my name.


                            I have the MXO2 working nicely with PPRO 6.0.3, and the Component output, compsite output are working fine. The issue I'm having is with the HDMI connection to the DLP.


                            Mitsubishi 73640 DLP (Last version Firmware 13.06) will only display the image on the screen if I select 3D over/under.  Other than that option, I get audio only to the DLP and it displays a Blue Screen.


                            I have seen Copy Protectioin Kick in on DLP's before, and the sysmptoms are different... Black screen or Blue screen with no audio in each case. The port is known to be operational on the DLP, as I had a 1080i/p PC Scan Converter connected to it prior to the Matrox.  I have tried all options on the HDMI Setup Screen of Matrox, and only: 'Same as Primary'(1080i/29.97), YUV, and Over/Under works But it displays with the incorrect Aspect Ratio and Scaliing..  The Mits is Not in 3D mode.


                            As Mentioned before.... I'm unable to report this to Matrox as I don't own the system, and I can't report it without first logging in, which involves registering the unit...


                            So... I post what I do know here....   I'll try calling MFG tomorrow....


                            Can't win for losing, can I?

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                              Jan Janowski Level 1

                              I think I found a solution.... 


                              I think it may be the Mitsubishi....   If I set MXO2 to 720p/59.94 Misubishi displays video -- HDMI works correctly.


                              What's that famous Rozanne Rozanadana  comment ??????


                              NEVER MIND!!!


                              An hour later... Still looking good.   YUV being sent to DLP.   I tried it with Full Screen Cinema enabled and disabled at computer... No dropped frames either way.... at either end.


                              Not seeing any drive throughput drop. 


                              I guess that a display card might not give a cross converter for HDMI output.  Overkill ended up being Dumb Luck of a solution.  


                              Demonstration now back on track again!!


                              I'll bet a different display may do 1080i/29.97 via HDMI ..    Anyone doing 1080i/29.97 on an HDMI Cable????