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    Adobe Fireworks CS6 'redefine' style isn't working properly


      Hi there.


      I'm having an issue.


      So I'm creating some graphics.

      I have Three Objects.


      I've created each object, then saved a style for those objects, saving everything but 'text' styling.


      I made some adjustments to the linear gradient of 2 of these objects, but when I click 'redefine' style, the fill just sets itself to 'no-fill'.


      Really annoying.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          groove25 Level 4

          Sounds unusual.


          So let's say you've just modified the gradient on one of the styled objects. With that object still selected, you choose "Redefine Style". There are two places to find this command: 1) in the Properties panel (on the right side, beneath the document styles dropdown menu), and 2) in the Styles panel options menu. Do you get the same results in both cases?


          Also, after you've modified the styled object but before you choose "Redefine Style", have a look at the document styles dropdown menu in the Properties panel. You should see the current style name with a "+" sign after it, indicating you've made some changes or "overrides" to the previously defined style.


          Finally, are you saying that the fill of the object on the canvas is being set to No Fill? How about the style definition (within the Styles panel)? Also, realize that you can double-click on a style thumbnail in the Styles panel to edit its definition—to see what properties have been included or excluded.