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    Live page numbers in a table of contents

    cotcodac Level 1


      I have this idea of live page numbers in the table of contents. I dont like how Indesign creates the table of contents - puting static page numbers. And when the client wants to modify something... I have to generate the table of contents again. It wouldnt be a problem but often I need to tweak the TOC with manual editing, so after generating again... al the editing needs to be done again.

      What do I do now... I make the toc and I change each page number in it with a cross reference to the number of the page where that title is. This way the page numbers are live. Its a simple solution, a big improvement that I consider Adobe should have incorporated already, because its not that hard to implement.

      Unfortunately my scripting skills arent that great, but with a little help we can make a script to do the replacing for us.

      So, the script would be run with the text of the toc selected, it would iterate each line, would search for the page where it can find it and insert the cross reference in the line. It would be perfect to see if the initial number is the same with the cross reference (to make sure the script picks up the right iteration of that title, but for begining it could run with no numbers, just searches each line in the document and insert in the line a tab and the page number of the first occurance.

      Any experienced scripter finds this idea worthy of their time?