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    CS6:  Mixing 23.976p and 29.97i in Multicam


      I'm working with concert footage that was shot on two cameras, one shooting at 23.976p and the other at 29.97i. Both shooting at 1080. I'm working on a Mac (10.8.6 if it matters) using Premiere CS6. I'm outputting to web, (probably just youtube), so I don't need to worry about authoring to DVD or for broadcast.


      My question is what is the best workflow to get these two working together as well as possible? What would be my best timeline settings for cutting these two sources together? Will I need to interpret the footage beforehand, or will Adobe handle the required pulldown on the non-matching footage automatically, or through render? Also, will using multicam make for a different process than just dragging footage to the timeline?


      I appreciate any help to shine some light on the solution to this problem. I may also be running into this issue with footage that won't be edited in multicam and where the look of the 24p footage will be favored, so I'm trying to round out my understanding of how this works.


      NB: I understand that this isn't an ideal situation. For the sake of my frustration level, it'd be great to avoid any solutions involving timemachines. Thanks!


      EDIT: Has anyone used frame-blending for some of these issues? I might try doing a side-by-side test of frame-doubling vs frame-blending.

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          Hi, I recently had this situation and it was a problem. I'm using Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro and recently shot a 3 hour pageant with 2 HDV tape based video cameras and a Nikon DSLR. Inadvertantly I shot the Nikon footage at 23.xx FPS and the rest of the program was all at 29.97 FPS. From my experience, I've discovered that you can NOT mix 2 different frame rates when transferring any Premiere Pro to Encore for encoding. When you set up the sequence in your Premiere Pro timeline you are selecting a frame rate (23.xx or 29.xx etc not both) and you can not put a clip with a different frame rate into that sequence. You need to change the frame rate of your clip to something that matches the other frame rate. There is a menu item in Premiere Pro that will let you force the footage to a different frame rate. Thats what I did and then the error was resolved.


          The problem didn't show up until I was trying to send the PremierePro timeline to Encore and then Encore had an error until I discovered the frame rate issue in my Premiere Pro timeline. Once I corrected the footage, Encore worked flawlessly and I was able to encode for DVD or Flash or Blu-ray as advertised.


          Any other opinions? I'm always learning so if someone can provide more insight, I'm open...