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    Help with Animated 3d Models from 3dStudio MAX


      Greetings all


      I have a few models with animation I created in 3d Studio Max and I want to import them into my AE project hopefully with the animation intact. At the moment I have been able to get the object in but not the animation and I dont know what to do. I have VCP Elements and I have been using that to bring the objects into my compositions.


      If someone could explain how to bring these objects/models in and include their animation that were created in 3ds Max I would really apprecaite the guidance because I am very lost.


      Also please break it down like im a 5 year old

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Natively AE will only import the rendered footage from any 3D app. Unless you want to try Element from Video Copilot (which I have not used since the changes) you'll have to render sequence. There are ways to copy the camera movement into AE but we need to know a lot more about your project before we can point you to the best solution. I'd suggest that you look up 3D Studio Max After Effects workflow. There are dozens of fairly recent articles that will provide guidance.