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    Help i bought a cmputer with adobe photoshop elements 10 on it so i dont have id no. to update2 11?



      I just bought a new computer a VAIO, pink 15.5 screen e series  with window 8, internet explorer 10, adobe reader x, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 & with an Intel Core 15-3210m processor 2.5 GHz with turbo boost up to 3.10GHz1 already installed on it

      But when i went to update it sai d i needed a serial number or prove that i bought it (therefore i should have the packet it came in, well it was on my computer but this still isnt acceptable??)otherwise i cant update to photoshop elements 11

      What can i do, how can i prove it

      i bought it at harvey norman & they seem to know as much about it as i do, which is nothing!!

      Please help my email is janekobr@gmail.com

      please contact me by email as i am a computer novice and dont know how to get back here?

      Is it worth updating to element 11 or premiere 11?

      Also i dont know what is a TAG???


      With kind regards