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    Camera Raw Chroma Smearing with Fujifilm X Series


      I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6 with an up-to-date Camera Raw version 7.3 to process raw files from my Fujifilm X-E1. As widely reported, ACR introduces obvious chroma smearing into the images that other software (SilkyPix, in-camera processing, iOS PhotoRaw) have no problems with. The workflow for PS CS6 is great, but ACR's buggy demosaicing algorithm continues to be a real problem with the latest version of ACR. Aside from using SilkyPix or other, does anyone know of any near term fixes for this problem until Adobe gets their act together on demosaicing Fuji's X-Trans sensor?


      Our eyeballs all have rods and cones that are irregularly spaced and sparse, and we all can see just fine without a Bayer array in our eyeballs, so there's no fundamental reason why Adobe won't be able to fix this issue with X-Trans demosaicing. I just hope they get on the case with a fix for the next version of ACR.


      Here's an example that anyone can recreate: ACR's chroma smearing is especially a problem for any text that appears in the image. The numbers on the boats below show chroma smearing when processed using ACR, but not with SilkyPix or other software. It's also possible to see the same problem using dpreview's studio comparison tool. The lens is a 35 mm f1.4 so this smearing at the image center certainly isn't any chromatic abberation from the lens.


      Original image (35 mm f1.4):



      1:1 crops:


      ACR (version 7.3) versus SilkyPix (version shipped with Fuji cameras):