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    Pixel Motion with time remap. Am I missing something?


      I have a 720p 59.94 fps clip of an rc quad flying. Ive time remapped it and applied Pixel Motion but the little quad chops very badly while the background is very smooth during the slowest part of the time remap.


      As a control measure, I did the same clip with only frame blending, no Pixel Motion, and the quad is smooth, however the whole scene isnt as clean as would be with Pixel Motion.


      Am I missing something?


      Heres the two clips; the 1st one is frame blending, the second is frame blending/Pixel Motion. Why does the subject(quad) skip badly?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's inherent in how the two two methods work differently - one favors large, contiguous areas, the other works better with only tiny motion differences. The problem is that when using pixel motion to the algorithm your copter doesn't move much. No motion, nothing to blend. You can always try the Timewarp effect and tweak its parameters, but short of masking the copter and combining the two you won't get a perfect result, either, most likely.