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    No sound input to PPro CS5 with a Mac using USB Mike


      Bill Hunt answered my recent question concerning PPro CS5 not picking up narration through an external USB mike. He suggested using a mike with a jack plugged into the mike port of the Mac. I tried that already and it did not work because there is no external mike input to a Mac, for a mike with a regular jack, so I bought a USB mike at the suggestion of Apple tech support .


      The USB mike does input sound into the Mac but PPro CS5 does not pick it up. In fact, PPro does not even pick up the sound while using the internal mike built into the Mac. We can test that sound is getting into the Mac but PPro is not picking it up.


      Do you have any suggestions, it seems like this is purely a PPro issue. But somebody has to be getting sound into PPro while using a Mac, so there must be a solution. I'd hate to have to purchase Final Cut after purchasing PPro.