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    Saving INDB files in CS6

    Cathy2013 Level 1

      I have spent the whole day fixing small problems with a CS4 INDB opened in CS6


      1) Can't save changes: I had a problem with one word of text that had slipped to the wrong side of a text wrapped box. Fixed the problem and saved. When I re-opened the document (through the book pallette) the fix was gone and the problem back. This happened not once but four times!!

      Fianally seemed to have solved the problem by re-nameing the file and replacing it into the INDB file.


      2) After working on the file, when I close any of the documents using Save (not Save As) I'm asked if I want to overwrite the original file. Never seen this before in ID, what is going on. I though that Save automatically over wrote the ixisting file of the same name?


      It is all probably very simple... but any help would be great.


      Cheers Cathy

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          When you open a legacy file ID will automatically convert it to the new format, and then ask for a Save AS the first time to prevnet accidentally overwriting the original (which I hope you have not done -- once overwritten you can't get the CS4 version back).


          I've seen some other problems with trying to convert books -- spent the weekend reconstructing one that was fine in CS5 and is crashing in CS6. My personal opinion is that you should not try to migrate a book unless there is need for new feaures in the new version, but I know that it isn't always practical. Next best thing, again in my opinion, is to export your CS4 files to .inx, then open each of those in CS6, save as with new names (don't destroy the CS4 versions), then create a brand new .indb file and add the new .indd files to it.

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            Cathy2013 Level 1

            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for getting back to me. I had the CS4 files safely tucked away, so all good. I'll look into the save as .inx, but having to rebuild each book (as a publisher) is going to be a pain.


            the superscript foe the foot  and end notes is still a problem, just won't hold its formatting. And am still being asked if I want to overwrite the existing file every time I save, even on files that have been saved in CS6.


            Thanks again for your time.


            Cheers Cathy

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Do you have a font manager? That could be part of the problem, as well.


              I know it's a pain to have to build a new .indb, but as pain goes, that's about as minor as it gets. File > New > Book... , name it, press the add button, select all the files from your folder of new .indd files, arrange in the correct order, save. The real work is in the exporting and conversion of the .inx. Peter Kahrel has a script that can help with the export part if you have tons of files.

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                Cathy2013 Level 1

                I don't mind rebuilding a book if it needs to reprint.

                There are other factors at work here that make it more of a pain.... A recent upgarde of my computer network saw an 'expert' decide to change all my base file paths, so now CS can't find any of the linked files, given that one of the documents I am working on at the moment has over 1000 images, it was a bit of an issue. So needing to redo work that has allready been done is just another few hours in my week that I didn't need....

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I've not suffered through that particular problem, thank goodness, but it gets mentioned here every few months, and I think there are some fairly clever solutions floating around.