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    Add Total pages pagenumber only when we make a book.

      We have more or less 40 separate Indesign files with auto pagenumbers via the master pages.


      The separate Indesign files have a different number of pages and numbering of example and 1,2,3,4,5,6 / 1,2,3,4 and 1,2 and .. .. 

      (So each file have a numbering at the same place (at the top of the design) for the count of pages of that file)

      But when we make a book of all files we want to add an extra number of the total pages.

      We would like to make a book of separate files with a extra numbering which runs from 1 to for instance 150

      Without changing the separate Indesign files. We do not want double indesign documents (one with and without the total number on master page) files so that the files separately only show there own numbering (at the top) and not the total number (at the buttom) whenever we make a book.


      How do we do that? Is this possible in Indesign?


      We can work with sections but don't want the extra number on the separate Indesign files because these files are used as individual files and also be printed as a book and only then we need a total number of pages at the bottum of the pages.

      The content of these files also changes regularly. So we would like just to update the Indesign in the book when needed.

      Also possible that the count of pages for the individual files changes after updating the files.


      Thanks in advance.