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    RHCL.exe giving odd results on network drive

    Krischu Level 1

      Recently I discovered the neat tool named RHCL.exe (Robohelp Command Line), allowing for batch compiles.


      Giving the argument of the .XPJ file to it (with full path) and a target directory, it compiles the project (primary)

      and puts the results into the target directory. Nice I thought.


      There were about 20 single projects I compiled using a .BAT file with the line

      c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML\rhcl <path_to_project.xpj> -o .\temp


      The funny thing was that RHCL was issueing a list of projects before the actual compiler run

      that contained among otheres "ALL Microsoft HTML Help". I was sure I changed all occurences

      of "ALL Microsoft HTML Help" to "Microsoft HTML Help" as the primary project, deleted all .cpd,

      looked in all .pss and .ssl files, that there was no occurence of "ALL Microsoft HTML Help", and nonetheless,

      RHCL spit out that "ALL Microsoft HTML Help", although it definitely wasn't in any of the files

      any longer.


      But not enough with this: In two or three of the 20 projects RHCL Errors occured. I'll have to reproduce

      the error messages again.


      But the really funny thing is that all these quirks were wiped away in the moment I went with the project tree

      to a local drive.


      In either case I preserved the drive letter H: (like "Help ) being the network drive and later being an external hard disk attached to an USB3.0 slot.


      What is this issue I also often read here in other threads, where the first question is "are you compiling from a network drive?".

      Does have RH have a general problem with this and if yes, why can't it be fixed. The same applies to RH10 also - I tested with a trial version I downloaded.