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    Scout works but no display list rendering stats/stack traces despite advanced telemetry enabled


      Hello! im developing iPad game with AIR and wish to use scout for profiling. Unfortunately it is not working as advertised

      - i am using flash builder 4.7 with AIR SDK 3.4 on Mac Os 10.7.5

      - i downloaded Scout and Gaming sdk and replaced air 3.4 SDK (bundled with FB4.7) with air 3.5, so i see "this project usinf AIR3.5" in project properties

      - i checked "use advanced telemetry" option in project compiler settings

      - i installed scout companion on ipad and successfully enabled scout - it correctly see scout on mac (updating new session options from it)

      - but when i'm building and running my program on iPad (or air simulator) scout shows new session with only basic telemetry. panels with actionscript/display list rendering just empty. of course in new session options i enabled everything exept stage 3d.

      - i tryed to:

      1) uncheck "build with telemetry" option in compiler settings -> build and run -> scout started new session and shows "enable telemetry compiler options" lines in actions script/displayrendering panels.

      2) i checked "build with telemetry" again -> build and run -> scout started new session and no warnings about compiler in panels, but no info either


      what i am doing wrong? please help.