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    Encountering a "Project Save Error"

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      Hello -


      I'm running Adobe's Creative Suite on a MBP with OSX 10.8.2. Since installing CS6, I've encountered the following problem with Adobe Premiere Pro: whenever I attempt to save the project, I get a "project save error" telling me I need to choose "save as" and save the project to another location. I can save another version of the project to any location, including the location where the original file is saved. This is a hassle, since it leads to several versions of a project sitting in one location. Does anyone have a way around this? So far, I've tried fixing disk permissions, uninstalling/reinstalling Premiere Pro, and saving to MacHD instead of my external hard drive, all with no success. I am attaching a screen shot of the error message in hopes that it helps. Thanks for your help,



      Adobe CS6 Project Save Error.png