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    Premiere Pro CS5 won't Render. Freezes for 1-2 minutes when I try to edit the timeline.. Help!


      Hi Guys


      I'm new to this, but in desperate need of help. Thought i'd give it a shot and let you know what my problem is!



      Basically i'm editing a dance concert which is approx 2 hours long. I'm running a late 2011 model iMac w/ i7 Quadcore and 16GB of RAM.
      Using Sony XDCAM EX 1080p footage (2 cameras). Everything was going so well until I rendered (not export) the footage overnight. It only rendered less than half of the footage and won't allow me to render anymore.  Doesn't even show the details of the amount of frames.. estimated time etc.


      Heres a screen shot - Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.34.34 PM.png


      I checked my hard drive space and there's 150 GB left so there's more than enough for it render.




      Another problem is that any editing i do to the timeline whether it's trimming, moving, copying etc. It just lags / freezes for about 1-2 minutes (has the loading Icon) then goes back to normal.


      Before I did the rendering last night, everything was fine. I was able to edit very smoothly without any lag or freezing. First time i've encountered this. I did the same production last year using the same cameras, file format and software version and it was fine.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!




      Kind regards,