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    ad-hoc ipa on iOS doesn't allow Actionscript Sampler

    wrench Level 1

      I’m having issues getting the sampler to work with iOS – has anyone else been able to introspect what functions are being called in the Actionscript tab within Scout? I’m getting the following info when I view the Actionscript panel in Scout: “Package your application with the -sampler option”.

      I’m running my swf through TelemetryEasy and then using a bat file to package the swf up for iOS installation. When I run the Scout app on iOS it connects successfully with Scout on my desktop, and it says that the “ActionScript Sampler” is enabled.

      Any assistance or confirmation that it is working for others (and perhaps what setup you’re using) would be much appreciated.

      Need to add to my post above that I’m using ad-hoc mode. When I use interpreter mode the actionscript sampler does work, so am interested as to whether people using the ad-hoc packaging mode are having any luck in Scout.