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    Project not merging

      Well, here I am again,

      with yet another question about merging projects. So far:
      I've created a master project (Merge Test) to contain the projects I want to merge into; these are:
      Academic Year 2004-05 and Academic Year 2005-06
      I used the New Merged Project icon in the Merge Test project to merge both projects into Merge Test, each into its own individual book
      both merged entries read "AcademicYear200x-0x.chm::/AcademicYear200x-0x.hhc ("x" being the variable for the numbers I actually used)

      Problem: AcademicYear2005-06 goes right into Merge Test, but AcademicYear2004-05 is nowhere to be found.

      I was told by two separate individuals (a forum member and my sysadmin) that RoboEngine is not needed in my case, since we are using RoboHelp on a local network.

      Now what?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          The structure of your source projects and the location to which you generate are important. See the topic on my site about Merged WebHelp which covers that.

          When you say you are using RoboHelp on a local network, I hope you mean the output is being published to to a network drive. Working on a project where the source is on a network will give you all sorts of problems, unless you are referring to having the project on a network under source control and pulling files out to work locally.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Oh no! Not the "N" word Before you do anything else, move your source and output files off the network onto a local drive. RoboHelp uses an Access database which doesn't run well when positioned on a network.

            That said, I wonder whether the AcademicYear2004-05 is actually just hiding! If you open your AcademicYear2005-06 book, is it there? If so, this is a well known bug with the Microsoft HTML Help engine that RH uses to generate the output. you can get around it by reading this link.

            If the problem is not this, have you checked that you have all the CHM (i.e. master and subs) in the same directory?
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              Lonno7 Level 1
              Hi, Peter!

              Yes, RoboHelp is published to a network drive. And thanks for the tip from your website. I think that did it...

              And, Colum,
              Thank you, too, for your help and the link. Between the two of you, I think I got what I was looking for.

              You guys ever need any "writerly" assistance (nouns, verbs, grammar, syntax, etc.), just let me know...

              Thanks again,