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    How do I uninstall and re-install CS5 Adobe Media Encoder?

    Dan 101 Level 1

      When I export media from Adobe Premiere CS5, whether I export directly from Premiere or use the Adobe Media Encoder, the system freezes for several minutes before starting the encoding.  When I check the uninstall menu, there is no listing for uninstalling Adobe Media Encoder. I understand that the Adobe Media Encoder is related to both Premiere and After Affects, which I also have installed. If I uninstall and reinstall Premiere 5.0.3, will that also reinstall the Adobe Media Encoder?  If not, what action could I take to get the encoding function of CS5 working properly? Do I need to uninstall the entire CS5 suite and run the Adobe Created Suite Cleaner Tool, then reinstall?

      I'm using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with an Intel i7 processor and 24 GB of RAM.