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    Organiser with Photoshop 11 crashes on loading


      I recently bought and loaded Photoshop and Premier Elements 11. I have version 10 still on my MAC. Each time I try to load Organizer it crashes on the loading screen. I am running Mac OSX 10.7.5. I tried live help but they said it was a technical issue and I should call voice support. I asked if it was free and the representative replied yes. On phoning the number given, after a chain of selection options I got a message saying, roughly, I can't remember exactly, that there is no free phone support for Elements I can take out a subscription. I have been unable to get any direct help, apart from the suggestion to pay out more money and I have been unable to find any way to speak to somebody to complain. This is new software, surely there should be free support if a purchaser is having problems. I have used Elements on PC and now MAC since it first came out with no problems. Can anybody please help?