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    Imported .ai graphics suddenly have white backgrounds

    Bufftom Level 1

      I just restarted my machine this morning, placed an .ai graphic with no fills into my InDesign document like have probably 10,000 times since it came out and suddenly for no reason the entire page area of the .ai file is white. 2 days ago everything was fine. No changes to anything at all. If I pull an old file from a month ago with similarly placed .ai files they are transparent as they should be. If I place one of the transparent .ai files that is already in the document again, it comes in with a white background. So there are now 2 instances of the exact same .ai file with all the exact settings for each placed graphic in InDesign and InDesign suddenly is rendering one with a white background and the other with a transparent background.


      Display settings are High Quality with Object Level not checked.


      PDF file made from this InDesign file shows the new placed graphic with a white background and original as transparent so it's not a display issue.


      iMAC System 10.6.8


      InDesign 7.0.4


      12 gb of RAM with 8 gigs free


      Any ideas why this might suddenly be happening?