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    Replace eyes...

      1. I want to replace the 'closed eyes' on one photo with 'open eyes' from another photo. Which tools and and in what sequence should I use?  I have PhotoShop/Elements 9
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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Use the clone tool .

          With the clone tool active, press ALT+left click an open eye (source), then clone over the closed eye. It's best to open a blank layer above the layer with the closed eye to deposit the cloned pixels.

          Use the move tool if the position is not quite right, and you can resize, if necessary, with corner handles of the bounding box.

          Repeat with the other eye.

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            domnic.rj23 Level 3
            1. open both image
            2. change layout to "all column" by clicking Capture.JPG button in the bottom panel
            3. choose clone stamp tool
            4. hold alt key and click on the area near eye in the image with opened eye
            5. now paint over the closed eye on the second image.


            Please reply back if it helps

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              ~V Adobe Employee

              See of something in this tutorial helps :http://photoshopelementstips.blogspot.in/2010/09/how-to-use-pse-for-getting-glare-free.htm l


              This tutorial is for removing glare from spectacles using two pictures.



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                Mark Sand Level 4

                Here's another method. In this example I want to replace the closed eye.

                - Roughly select the open eye using the Elliptical Marquee tool:



                - Copy/paste the selection to a new layer.

                - Flip the new layer horizontally and use the Move tool to position it over the closed eye. Use arrow keys to fine-tune the position.

                - Use the Eraser with soft brush to remove excess from the selection.


                eye2.jpgy the open eye


                In your case you would just select/copy the open eye and paste into the other picture.