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    Oracle 10g - Date format in SELECT query for CFOUTPUT

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, everyone.


      The project that I am working on in the dev environment is connected to an Oracle 11g database, but the production side is Oracle 10g.


      I have a page that is erroring in production (but not development) when it gets to a date that it needs to display.


      A co-worker mentioned that, in 10g, if a date/time is being SELECTed, you have to put it in to_char(), so I did that.


      But it's still erroring, and I'm not getting an error message, so I'm assuming that I have an incorrect format for the date in the SELECT.


      What is the proper format for SELECTing a date/time when using to_char()?  Right now, I have SELECT to_char(create_date,'MM-DD-YYYY HH:MI') FROM tableA .  Is this not correct for CF to output?


      Thank you,