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    Trouble With Vectors


      I designed a logo for my cousin's business and provided them with the file as an EPS.


      Now the companies that make the signs and t-shirts are saying the images are not vector. I am fairly new at Illustrator, so I am trying to find what I've done wrong. They said the file looks as though I put in a jpg and just saved it as an EPS. That is not the case at all. The image was created with strictly shapes and typeface. Most letters were created with a font other than the L's which are roller skates that I designed using basic shapes. I also right-clicked on the font and chose "Create Outlines."


      What else could I be doing wrong?


      Here is the EPS file.


      Thanks for any help in advance!

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're using pixelbased effects, those will be converted to pixels in the EPS.


          How will it be printed?

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            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Tell them this is a CS6 file, and you are using gradient strokes, so they need to have CS6 to open your file.


            You could save a copy down to CS5 .eps, that will expand the appearance of your strokes.

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              [scott] Level 6

              The artwork could very easily be exapnded, merged, and then filled with that rainbow gradient. Once that's done, saving as an eps will result in a flat, no issue, no raster, eps file.


              As Mike posts.. they need to open the file with CS6.. or you need to adjust the file for those without CS6. That gradient across the strokes isn't going to ever translate to an older version of Illustrator.

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                TheSonicZone Level 1

                Thanks everyone! That does make sense. How do I do that by the way? I looked through some threads on here and they said it's in the options panel, but I don't even see an options panel. I see preferencess, but I don't see what I need in there.

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                  TheSonicZone Level 1

                  One place also says,



                  ProDesignTools.com says:


                  In Illustrator, when you save a file it asks you which version you want to save it as. Instead of CS6, you can choose a “Legacy Format” like Illustrator CS5, CS4, CS3, etc.


                  But I tried that as well, and there is no Legacy Format or anything like it to choose from when I save...

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                    [scott] Level 6

                    Basically you need to...


                    - Remove that guassian blur shadow. That will never be vector (no "blur" will)

                    - Expand the strokes so they ae shapes and then combine them. (You'll need to remove the gradients from the strokes in order for them to expand correctly)

                    - Once the strokes are combined, simply add a gradient fill across the shape and a black stroke to mimic the black outline you originally had.

                    - Add a secondary fill or a duplicate offset shape to create the black shadow, but don't apply any blur effects to it.


                    The image can easily be created so it remains flat vectors and does not rasterize, but you need to simply rethink construction of the objets entirely.



                    (Gradient may not match original gradients exactly, I was merely getting close)

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                      [scott] Level 6

                      TheSonicZone wrote:

                      there is no Legacy Format or anything like it to choose from when I save...



                      When you choose Save As, pick a format, click OK, a second dialog window pops up. In that second window, at the top, you can choose legacy formats. The term "Legacy" refers to older versions you won't see the actual word "legacy" anywhere.

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                        TheSonicZone Level 1

                        Thank you so much for being so helpful and understanding! That really hels me out!


                        When you say rethink the construction of objects entirely, are you saying I should start from scratch? I am just making sure as I don't want to waste time trying to fix it if it can't be fixed.



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                          TheSonicZone Level 1

                          I have went ahead and done what you said, but my gradient fill wants to fill the entire shape and not an outline of it. I have revoved the original gradient and expanded the objects. I did use the pathfinder to unite them as well. Is there any way I can get the object be just the stroke only?


                          I know in Photoshop I would just have to convert it and rasterize it, but considering I don't want any raster effects at all, I don't know what I can do in Illustrator.

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                            [scott] Level 6

                            My image above is one gradient fill across all the shapes. Your original image had a separate gradient stroke on each and every shape with the gradients, painstakingly, matched at the edges. In many cases you ahd 2 or 3 strokes overlapping each other for the same shape.


                            Why can't you simply use one gradient fill as I've done above? You don't need strokes.

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                              TheSonicZone Level 1

                              I see what you're saying. I ended up making it much more complicated than it should have been. I think it's coming a long now. Is there any way to inspect to see if the image is true vector before sending it? I am very new at vectors.

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                                [scott] Level 6

                                As long as you aren't adding any gradients on the strokes and not adding any bluring or drop shadow effect, it should remain vector.


                                You can use Window > Flattener Preview.  Choose All Effected Objects from the drop down and click Refresh... if you see red shapes.. those are problem areas. No red highlights... you're good to go. Try this on your original file and you'll see what it indicates.

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                                  TheSonicZone Level 1

                                  That's a very useful tool. I tried it on my original file and it was completely red. I tried it on my edited file and it "All Effected Objects" as well as everything else grayed out keeping me from selecting them...or does that simply mean everything is ok?


                                  Thank you Scott for being so helpful.

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                                    [scott] Level 6

                                    If you can't select anything from the Flattener Preview drop down menu, it means there's nothing to flatten.  And if nothing is flattened, the art will remain vector exactly as you see it when saved to an eps format.