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    About to buy: Asus g75vx w/ GTX 670mx. Advice needed...


      Hi all,


      I've been lurking this past week, trying to decide on a laptop, and am about to bite the bullet on an Asus G75vx (t4020h) laptop to run Premiere CS6.


      I've read through threads here that have mentioned this machine, but I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a quick thumbs up or down. The laptop will be for editing only. Formats and media I will be using which I imagine will stress the computer most: P2 video (avc intra 100) and RED 4k.


      I'm buying it through Ebay:


      http://www.ebay.de/itm/ASUS-R-O-G-GAMER-G75VX-i7-3630QM-120GB-SSD-750GBHD-32GB-RAM-Nvidia- GTX670-MX-3GB-/290851609890?pt=DE_Technik_Computer_Peripherieger%C3%A4te_Notebooks&hash=it em43b81b5d22#ht_8545wt_1346



      The processor is good enough, I believe (i7 3630), and the RAM is maxed out.

      The graphics card? It seems a better bet than the 660m or 670m model, but I don't know for sure.

      There's a 120gb SSD, and a 750gb 7200rpm HDD. I will try this config out first, and if read-times seem slow I'll have to put a RAID system together.

      The hdd is a hybrid drive. I'm not sure I want or need this, so perhaps someone could help me decide on this point?


      Any other thoughts are welcome. I think there are a few members here who are using an g75 with cs6. Any pitfalls or blind spots I should know about?


      thanks all,


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          milfisland Level 1

          Thanks John. I guess I'll have to tackle the R3D problem when it arises. I had no doubts that I'd need to configure RAID on this laptop, but I need to get going in the next few days on a project that's using P2 camera files (.mxf). Specifically:


          AVCIntra100 (100Mbit/Sek) 1080i/25PN (1080 x 1920 = FullHD) 10bit Farbtiefe / 4:2:2


          I don't mind transcoding for the edit, but I would like to know whether a maxed-out G75vx would be fine to perform the final render.


          Of course, it would also be nice if I could edit without transcoding. I'd like to impress the director a little when he visits.

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            milfisland Level 1

            A few reasons:


            The first is that I have to start my first editing job immediately, and have no time to source the components and build a desktop system.


            Second, I live in a small apartment, where my girlfriend and I both work. I have an office I use occasionally when things get claustrophobic, and a laptop will mean that I'm not tied to a single location.


            Finally, I live in Berlin, where - most likely, given the market here - many of the productions I will work on will be relatively small affairs. And I'm predicting I will have to meet with clients wherever they like (usually a cafe or bar, or on set).


            I might be wrong, but in the above ways choosing a laptop as my first system broadens my options, workwise. I want to build a desktop system too, eventually, but not before this venture gains momentum.


            I know that a laptop will also limit me too, which is why I have to ensure that I get something that will perform well. It's quite scary to imagine that I might find myself with a machine that won't deliver, but I also have to consider the practical constraints I mentioned above.


            I think, also, that a HP Elitebook with similar spec would be a better bet, but the cost is prohibitive right now (an initial outlay of approximately 1k more). So, I would really like to know if the Asus route is going to be worth the investment, especially if I will have to configure a RAID system to replace the SSD boot+app drive and HHDD media drive.


            Any comments welcome at this point! I just need some 'fatherly' advice

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              For the price, it sounds like a good system. With P2 material there is no problem. With Red 4K material there is the problem of the relatively slow CPU. Ideally you would go for an i7-3840M CPU, but the prices are exorbitant. The Asus has a nice price/performance ratio.

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                milfisland Level 1

                Thanks Harm, that's good to know. The P2 files are the most important for now. If it will run those well, then hopefully, all things being equal, it won't choke hard on other HD formats.


                Do you think a RAID0 setup with 2x750gb HDD would be better value than the SSD + HHDD combo? There are 2 slots.


                I agree about getting the more powerful CPU, but - given the expense - wouldn't a RAID setup improve the performance of R3D playback noticeably?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The boot SSD is great, especially for a laptop, since it reduces boot time and loading of programs. With your described use of the laptop that is a significant advantage IMO. A 2 disk 750 GB raid0 with not do better. What you may consider is adding a 2 disk external eSATA device configured in raid0. Gives you more storage capacity and better speed and will ultimitely be ready to attach to your desktop as well.