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    Running Photoshop Elements (1) on Windows 8


      I'm sure folks by now know that older Photoshop Elements doesn't install on Windows 8.  (I think it's version 1, as no version is given on the package, and I bought it a long time ago from the Adobe store via a friend at Adobe who is not  longer around.)  The installer tells me that it needs at least Internet Explorer 4.  Although I installed a clean copy of Windows 8 64, I still have Windows 7 32 installed, with the original Elements in Program Files.  If I run the old executable, it tells me it can't find the personal information, or something.


      My question is:  Are there registry keys and/or files I could copy over to my Windows 8 installation that would let me run my old Photoshop Elements?


      I tried copying just the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\1.0 registry key, but that didn't work.


      Basically, I don't really want to buy the software again, as I'm just a light user, and I was perfectly happy with the old version, which cost me about the same as the 11 upgrade.





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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Before we go into how you might get pse1 to work on windows 8, we need to know how big your hard drive is

          and how much free space you have.


          If your hard drive is 1 tb or bigger then trade offs to get it to work probably won't be worth it.

          A lot of times older programs run better on the 32 bit versions of windows than they do on the 64 bit versions.



          Honestly you'll probably be off upgrading to pse 11 as it runs much better on windows 8 x64 and has some nice features you might like.

          If you want to try pse 11 for yourself to see if it suits you, download the 30 day fully functional trial of pse 11.

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            Okay, now that you got the recommendation for a new product out of the way, please continue with your original thought: Before we go into how you might get pse1 to work on windows 8


            I'm in the same boat. New computer, Win8, trying to get PSE1 to install.  My hard drive is 320GB. Every time I try to install, an error message tells me I need IE4.0 or newer. I tried changing compatibility to all the other available (older) options, but still get the same error.


            So I'm interested in the secret magic trick to make this happen!