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    Presenter Video Creator (v8)

    MichaelD443 Level 1

      Opened a project. Changed branding to custom. Specifice just a starting branding element. Published, closed, went to EOJ.


      Opened a different project. Can't change branding to end--all check boxes grayed. Can't specify a new custom branding theme. Can select standard branding but it still only shows up in the beginning, can't change to end (or background).Also, now it only uses the custom branding I created and used for the beginning of the other project.


      Is there a cache that must be cleared?


      Thanks. --Michael

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          Vikram@Adobe Level 1

          Hi MichaelD443,

          I followed your steps:-

          opened a project

          changed branding to custom

          specified a starting branding video


          clicked on close project button

          opened a new project.

          goto themes.

          Can select any default themes or change the starting/end video.

          In my case the themes dropdown is enabled and is working fine on my system.

          Are the steps same as yours?

          If the steps are same, then it's a system specific issue.

          You can send us(vikrakum@adobe.com) the diagnostic log with steps mentioned to reproduce the issue.


          There is workaround to get ride of your issue. Close Video Creator. Delete preferences.xml file from this location -> C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Presenter Video Creator 8.1\ . Open VC




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team