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    Revised help not being picked up in build

      Greetings, all.

      I'm new to RH, and have had to come up to speed very quickly on RH7 to revise online help files created in RH5.

      I've revised and reformatted the files, and they compile flawlessly on my laptop, but the revised Help is not being picked up in the build. While this may be an issue with the build system, I realized I need some urgent remedial RoboHelp knowledge in case the engineers need some more information from me.

      In particular, I know very, very little about the files RH uses to compile, their locations, and the files and locations required to be picked up in a build. I'm about to go through RH's own online documentation, but thought posting here might get me more, better, faster information.

      For instance, it doesn't matter where the RoboHelp Project file is, correct? It just matters where the source files are (htm, jpg, etc.) and where the final compiled help is, yes?

      FYI, my output is WebHelp, into an .htm file. Is that htm file the only tile the engineers need?

      Thanks very much for any assistance you could provide.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Jerry.

          What happens with webhelp is as follows:

          1/ You create your RH project content at a certain location.
          2/ You compile your project that - by default - builds a set of files in a subfolder called SSL/Webhelp within your project directory. However it is advisable to change this to go to a different directory outside of your project. You can find the location out by right clicking on your Webhelp single source layout and selecting Properties. There you will find the Output Path.
          3/ When you compile, you are given the option to "generate" the output to a different location. This is the step that effectively copies the output files to the location where they are to be published.

          So, if your build is not showing the correct output I'd check that the generate step is generating to the correct location. I'd also check that your "build process" is accessing the correct location.

          Hope this helps.