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    How can I improve the terrible results from Type in Photoshop?

    Stacey Bindman Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have a blog on which I need to add type to each and every photos for copyright purposes.

      The trouble is that the post photos are maxed out @ 144 dpi, and thus I use only sizes 6-8 for my fonts.


      The reason for the small font size is proportion. I don't want to have giant fonts for small-sized photos.

      I've attached a sample before rasterization and after illustraintg the use of this fiunction is next-to-useless.


      I've tried different permutations and combinations font,font style, crisp,smooth, shar, etc, and the results are always the same - bad.


      Either what I want can't be done, or I am doing something wrong.


      Please keep the answers just to Photoshop, as I don't have Illustrator!

      So all that vector-based to pixel-based discussion is irrelevant.








      2013-01-28-PS Community-Type-1.jpg

      2013-01-28-PS Community-Type-2.jpg

      2013-01-28-PS Community-Type-3-Rasterized.jpg

      2013-01-28-PS Community-Type-4-Rasterized.jpg