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    Can't Get Edits to "Stick" in ACR


      I've been using Bridge to correct my Raw files for about 8 years. In the last month, I'm finding that there are times that the edits I do in Adobe Camera Raw just don't "stick" - I'll edit the file in the ACR window, and click "Done" and expect to see the file change in Bridge (and see the little icon in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail show up, saying that it's been tweaked). But nothing happens. Then, 20 minutes later (or 3 minutes later), I'll go back to the very same image and suddenly, it'll work. Or, on the other hand, I'll be editing pictures for an hour and suddenly it'll stop working completely - the program looks fine, but opening a file in ACR and correcting it does nothing to the actual file.


      As I said, this just started in the last month. It doesn't LOOK like anything is wrong - no 'error' messages or problems opening the ACR window. And I've tried right-clicking and opening the file in Photoshop, and that does nothing, either.


      Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know of a solution?


      I normally Google for solutions to problems I'm having, but wasn't even sure what to Google this time, and this is my last resort. Thank you!