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    Sony NXCAM and Premiere Pro CS 5.5.2 crash (Win7)

    41NBC Engineer



      We recently got a Sony NXCAM. We are shooting in SD only (until next year!), so it's not a problem with any particular HD format. Until we got this camera, we've been using Panasonic P2s exclusively. Our Chief has had good luck with these Sonys (admittedly editing in AVCHD mode and exporting to DVD mostly), so he decided to give one a try for news.


      When we first started using the Panasonic P2s, we had a bugger of a time with the video clips coming into premeiere in one stereo clip and us needing it split to mono (because of how we often capture in the field where the on cam mic is for nat sound, while the attached mic is for the actual interview audio - it's recorded to the same clip simply as one side or another). This was also during the days of Premeiere crashing every time you tried to adjust stereo audio gain (has that actually been solved?). Anyway, that's all been solved and the systems have been stable and working fine for the last two-three years aside from the occasional issue with full disk drives (reporters NEVER DELETE ANYTHING, ARG, smash! ).


      Up to this month: We have one reporter who has been using this Sony and every time she edits she is experiencing crashes when she adjusts audio (gain, I believe), which of course reminds me of the problem we had with the Panasonics and their MXF wrapped MPEG2 clips. That said, we have the same project settings bringing in the Sony's MPEG2 video with all tracks in mono, and I have a feeling that is what needs to change, I'm just not sure how. It has to be something in how the clips are configured, but I can't figure out what the difference is and more importantly what I need to do to fix it. I am including a screen shot of the GSPOT info on the file. We're using up to date drivers, and Adobe is updated to the lastest version and the system has been working fine for the last two years, except for this one issue of late. We are not using the Sony software to convert the clips simply because we don't have a need to shoot extra long clips, and they join just fine on the timeline if we do, or have so far at least. That and its native format for SD is MPEG2, precisely what we need. Anyway, I'd love some help on this if anyone has any ideas.

      Sony NXCAM Clip.png

      Sequence Settings.png

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          41NBC Engineer Level 1

          Sorry to bump this, but it's falling way down below, and I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on how to solve this problem. I've never had PPro give me issues dealing with what seems to be normal MPEG2 video. It's not even the MXF wrapped stuff we get from the Panasonics, so I would have thought it would have been a breeze. Any help would be appreciated.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            Using CS6 here, and no crashes with the same material from the same camera.  Is your stuff actually 4:3?


            Here are my sequence settings:





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              Do you have Quicktime installed?
              i got some clients with mpg problems with it, Slow downs and stuff, i uninstalled and now is ok.
              strange stuff

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                41NBC Engineer Level 1

                I'm having her try it today in the one CS6 edit bay we have and seeing if that changes things. It uses the same settings as our other bays, but the version is different.


                As for Quicktime, I thought of that (PPro REALLY doesn't work well with Quicktime - dunno why). I haven't tried uninstalling it yet. We'll do that next if we have the same problems on CS6 as well. Thanks for the help and ideas!

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  You got that wrong.


                  (PPro REALLY doesn't work well with Quicktime - dunno why)


                  QuiRckTime doesn't work well with anything, that is why it got it's name and well deserved. Everybody should shy away from QuiRckTime because it reverts you to a 32 bit environment, completely negating the benefits of the 64-bit nature of CS5+.

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                    41NBC Engineer Level 1

                    Is there a better answer for .MOV then? My understanding is that PPro needs QT to interact with .mov files correctly. I'll gladly get rid of it if I can maintain the ability to use and view .mov files. I can't stand QT and the Apple updater. No I don't want iTunes, nor will I ever. Thanks.


                    Update on the topic though. We're confirmed that there is no problem with the mpeg2 files on CS6. As we have one Sony and one CS6 laptop, we'll call it fortuitous and move along. Not sure why CS5.5 hates the sony's files, but it does. My guess is that it has something to do with how CS5.x handles audio (hence the crashing audio problem from the earliest versions of 5.0).


                    Of course I've got another issue with CS6 entirely, but that will be another thread.

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                      Jeff Bellune Level 5

                      As a counterpoint to Harm's perspective, I'll say that I've used Quicktime Pro since early version 6, and I haven't ever had to uninstall or remove it to get Premiere Pro to work, or to work with the QT codecs.  Quicktime has never been a problem for me, and it's been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.


                      Adobe has some custom QT importers for Premiere Pro that are 64-bit, and you don't need QT installed to take advantage of them.  But if you have clients that can only provide you with MOV files, or that demand MOV files for delivery, then you will need to have Quicktime installed.  Further, some applications like After Effects, (maybe)SonicFire Pro, and Cinema 4D require Quicktime to be installed to take advantage of all their features and plugins, so you can get boxed into the Quicktime corner that way as well.


                      No need to fear Quicktime.  Just be aware that it can potentially be a source of problems and conflicts with Premiere Pro.  So far, that hasn't been the case for me.



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                        wfmc staffer Level 2

                        The cameras should be set to use PCM audio tracks and not Dolby. You don't want to deal with compressed audio in acquisition.


                        Also you will want to use the cameras native files and not QT whenever possible.

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                          41NBC Engineer Level 1

                          Yeah, all I've got is the QT player. We occasionally get video in from outside sources that's .mov (UGA is infamous for it), so we've got to be able to import it. That said we only provide MPEG2 period. When we go HD, it will be MPEG4. VLC will play .MOV (at least last time I checked it would), so if PPro will handle importing .MOV without QT installed, I'll remove it from the equation, just to eliminate the issue.


                          Thanks for that insight WFMC Staffer. I'll check on that.

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                            Thiago.S.Cardoso Level 1

                            ah something i did with .Mov files from some cams.

                            rename the .mov to .mpg


                            this makes premiere use the "internal" codec, and not try to use the Quicktime one.


                            this helped alot. no slow downs from some .mov files. play smooth.