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    I can see a component on one Page in to Another without including it

    patK Level 1

      I am trying to learn including the component at page level :


      Here is what i am doing :


          I have a component page (loginform.jsp) which intrudes a simple  form :


                              <cq:include path="loginform" resourceType="nho-cq-training/components/general/loginform"/>


          Control gets transfer to the servlet using :


                                                         response.sendRedirect(request.getResource().getPath() + ".success.html");



        Success.jsp looks like :

                         <%@include file="/apps/nho-cq-training/components/shared/global.jsp"%>    // global.jsp includes all Packages and taglibs



                                             <title>Hello World!</title>



                                                     Login Successful





      When Success.jsp is displayed I could also see the login form component from loginform as well.


      I tried to restrict the path of componment page using allowed path but still the result is same.


      Could any one see what would be wrong in this example. Is there any component setting I am missing ?


      Success.jsp and  loginform.jsp are on the same folder level  not sure if  it matters ?