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    Want to know how to compile fla and as  back into swf


      Ok first off thanks for reading...

      i just started taking school for this and this is a good question for me and i was told to figure it out


      I took an existing swf that belonged to a game that the school made for editing-server based.

      now this swf has most of the game on as  on this swf and loads up stuff as needed via the as


      now i decompiled the swf into  fla and also got the cooresponding as to go with it

      i edited some of the action scripts and saved them blah blah blah


      now what i am asking is. how to do i go around and make it back into swf

      when i try to publish it isnt publishing it with the actionscripts

      and is losing half the size of the file


      now can i take the file everything is under and edit that and how do i go to do this


      or can i make new project add it to each or is there a easy way to basically in dumb terms drag and drop  and publish into a swf


      any infomation would be greatly appreacated and also thanks again for reading


      take care hope to hear from you all soon